The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Is Expected To Receive A Significant Portrait Video Enhancement


According to a recent rumor, the quality of the portrait videos that Samsung's next Galaxy S23 Ultra flagship phone can record will significantly improve.

One Weibo leaker has now claimed that the Galaxy S23 Ultra will be capable of filming portrait movies with a resolution of 4K and a refresh rate of 30fps, only days before Samsung announces the Galaxy S23 lineup. The greatest video that Samsung's Galaxy S22 Ultra can currently produce is 1080p video at 30 frames per second.

According to the same leak from Ice Universe, the new camera will also be better at differentiating between the foreground and backdrop for an improved bokeh effect. Additionally, the phone is being improved for better heat management - "the heat dissipation control is relatively good," we're gold.

Even if it may not be the most fascinating feature, the capacity to dissipate heat is crucial for a contemporary high-end smartphone. Some phones have historically been able to run games at breakneck speeds when used alone, but because of how hot they get when playing games for any length of time, they suffer.

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